July 28th, 2010


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Hi everyone!

I am a student at the University of Leeds, studying for an MA in gender, sexuality, and queer theory. My dissertation is on how asexual people construct romance, since current mainstream discourses about romance necessarily include sex. I am interested in responses from both romantic asexuals and aromantic asexuals, as I think both groups of people can contribute equally valuable, though different, views. Demisexuals and people who identify as grey-A are invited to take this survey as well! I'd love to get a wide range of responses.

There's a much longer and more detailed introduction at the survey, which is here. I'll warn everyone in advance, though, that the survey is fairly long.

I am really grateful to everyone who does fill out the survey! Thank you so much!

This has been cross-posted a lot, so I apologise if you've seen it several times already!