spoofmaster (spoofmaster) wrote in asex_adjusted,

Hope this isn't too wank-riffic

Really hope this doesn't just come across as whining, but I've been thinking about some of the messages sent by movies. There are, of course, movies promoting conformity, like 102 Dalmations, and movies promoting consumerism, like Bratz, and those are annoying enough, especially since they're aimed at children.

Anyway, the really relevant issue for this community is those movies that declare heterosexual love and a family life as the only way anyone can ever feel complete. I'm speaking, of course, of the upcoming No Reservations, in which a successful woman's life apparently becomes complete when she becomes guardian of her niece and finds heterosexual love. It's not a new plot (see 2000's The Family Man, in which Nicholas Cage wakes up to discover his successful career has been replaced by a wife and kids), but I don't think it gets any less offensive as the years go by.

Any thoughts? Better yet, does anyone know of any movies that don't insist on coupling?
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