Turtle (defiant_turtle) wrote in asex_adjusted,

I haven't been on this community in ages, but when I found this article on Wikipedia, I couldn't stay away. It's about a guy named Edward Gorey, who wrote macabre childrens books. (Reminds me of Struwwelpeter) Anyway, I was skimming the biographical section and found this.
"Gorey never married, professed to have little interest in romance, and never discussed any specific romantic relationships in interviews. In the book The Strange Case of Edward Gorey, published after Gorey's death, his friend Alexander Theroux reported that when Gorey was pressed on the matter of his sexual orientation, he said that even he was not sure whether he was gay or straight. When asked what his sexual preferences were in an interview, he said: "I'm neither one thing nor the other particularly. I am fortunate in that I am apparently reasonably undersexed or something... I've never said that I was gay and I've never said that I wasn't... What I'm trying to say is that I am a person before I am anything else..." It is possible that Gorey was asexual. Theroux paints a portrait of a man who lived a fairly solitary existence by choice, friendly, generous, and apparently comfortable with strangers, but strongly preferring to be alone most of the time."

He sounds pretty darn asexual to me. This was fun to find...
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