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Asexuality in college

Hi guys. Hope you're all still reading this comm, since I recall you being rather more mature and interesting to talk to than the main LJ asex comm. Some of you might remember when I posted an essay exploring possible asexual messages in The Wizard of Oz last spring...still need to get that edited nice and pretty, since my teacher actually said that I might be able to get it published if I worked on it, and how awesome would that be?

Anyway, I'm a junior in college, and I got a job in a residence hall this year, so I'm here rather earlier than the other students for training. We had a health presentation yesterday, which was all fine and dandy right up until they went into sex health education mode. Now, I'm all for getting the sexual kids to use condoms and get HIV testing if they're at it anyway, and am even in favor of the free condom baskets they put in the res hall restrooms (despite the fact that seeing them there makes me feel a little uncomfortable), but I don't like the way they present sexual activity among students. They tend to imply that all healthy, normal people my age are going at it like bunnies, and I remember that even as a freshman (when I had not admitted my orientation even to myself) it made me feel uncomfortable about my own attitude toward sex. Since such a large number of people are entirely unaware of the asexual mini-revolution, I'm afraid that there are probably more incoming freshmen who, like me as of a few years ago, think that they're just weird or unhealthy and don't want to admit that they're not into sex for fear of social repercussions. My school provided me with all of one pamphlet about abstinence, and my mother had to find it on the table outside one of the presentations at orientation, since it was not handed out along with the other materials on student sexuality.

Anyway, the point is that I've contacted the GLBT resource center on campus and informed them of what I see as a serious problem. While I don't personally identify as queer, they're the only people I could think of who might take an interest in the issue. I have yet to get a response, but it is, after all, the weekend, and they're probably shortstaffed since the majority of students aren't here yet. I'm seriously hoping that I can help establish resources for asexual students, particularly incoming freshmen and the people who are working with them during orientation. I'm sick and tired of feeling like the wellness offices are pushing me into having sex, and with any luck, I'm not the only one.

I'll keep you informed of any responses I get.

ETA (not that I expect this post to be reread, but until something more substantial comes up, I don't want to make a new one): I got a response.

Thank you so much for your email and all that you shared. Yes, you are right, there is not a lot of visible support, information for students who identify as asexual. We do try to talk about asexuality in our programs and services, but yes, much of the education on campus about sexuality is targeted towards non-asexual students. All this being said, I would love to support you in any way possible. If you would like to meet sometime and chat? That would be great.

I won't have time to go have a chat until at least this weekend, and asked if Saturday would work. If not, I'll have to figure out something a little later on.
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