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Hello, and welcome to asex_adjusted!

The purpose of this community is to provide a more laid-back environment in which to discuss issues relating to asexuality.

Who can join?

Asexuals and allies are welcome. All we ask is that you be mature enough to discuss things like adults, really.

What can be posted?

There are few restrictions on what can and cannot be posted. If it relates to asexuality, great! If it doesn't, but you think an asexual perspective would be interesting, great! If the post has absolutely nothing to do with asexuality at all, and you don't have any compelling reason why you posted it, it'll be deleted.

The only thing we definitely do NOT want to see here is drama. This is not the place for wangsty posts about how no one understands you, life is so hard, and society is sex-obsessed and ignorant. We can sympathize with your frustrations, but we don't want to hear about them, here. I'd strongly suggest checking out asexuality, which is full of lovely, supportive people.

The Ground Rules

1.) Play nice. There's no age cut-off for membership, but everyone here should at least be capable of acting like an adult.
2.) Use the scroll button. If a topic of conversation squicks you out, there's no need to comment and inform us all of how disgusted you are. Just move on.
3.) No intro posts. Chances are we know you from asexuality, anyway, so there's no need for introductions. Just jump right in.
4.) No wank. This should go without saying at this point. But I'm saying it, anyway.

If there's trouble, please contact your friendly neighborhood mods, nobleplatypus, spoofmaster, or sofarfromcaring.

If you're interested in helping moderate the community, please contact nobleplatypus.